1865 Romantic Style Parlour Guitar
"The Avon"

An intimate guitar for fingerstyle playing

I have always had a fascination with the Early Romantic Guitar and have had an ambition to build one along the same lines. This guitar is based on an 1865 Boosey & Sons model that was made for Madame Pratten. The Early Romantic guitars had gut strings but I have designed this model for steel string players. The body dimensions were carefully and sympathetically adjusted to allow a scale length of 24.5" whilst keeping the overall appearance true to the original. The contours may be Early Romatic but the guitar is very modern in design concept. You will be surprised by the depth of sound from this little guitar.

The Parlor body dimensions:

18 1/4” long
12 7/8” lower bout
7 3/8” waist
9 1/2” upper bout
4” deep
24 1/2” scale

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