Fingerstyle Sweetspot
“the swift"

For a sweeter sound

This guitar is based on the Fingerstyle model but has been shortened in length by reducing the upper bout. This has the effect, together with the short scale of 24.9” and my underlying bracing pattern, of locating the bridge more towards the centre of the vibrating plate. Sometimes known as the sweetspot, placing the bridge here is very efficient in terms of converting string vibration into sound, giving a sweeter, delicate tone.  Some builders achieve the same effect by offering a 12 fret model with 12 frets to the body which in effect pushes the bridge down into the sweet spot but loses 2 frets to the neck. My version facilitates 14 frets to the body and still places the bridge in the sweet spot. Most suited to the fingerpicking idiom.

The Fingerstyle SweetSpot body dimensions:

17 1/2” long
14 5/8” lower bout
8 3/8” waist
9 1/2” upper bout
4” deep
24.9” scale

© Stuart Ketchin Guitars