Fingerstyle Standard
“The Blackadder"

An all round Fingerstyle Guitar

This is the guitar that started me building again. Friends and customers will know that I took a sabbatical from building due to work pressures. I had promised my daughter a guitar for her 21st Birthday and so the tools were dusted off. She wanted a small bodied guitar and after looking at various body styles she chose this one. It is  reminiscent of an old Washburn I used to own. It is an ideal finger picking guitar. I have been building this body style for over 10 years and it is one of my favourites. Sweet sound with added depth. Available as standard in 24.9” scale but also available on request in 25.5” scale.

The Fingerstyle body dimensions:

18 5/8” long
14” lower bout
8 1/8” waist
9 1/2” upper bout
4 1/4” deep
24.9” or 25.4"scale

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