An all round Fingerstyle Guitar

This is a remodelling of my previous 000 model with a wider and rounder upper bout and reshaped lower bout. The remodelling has included a new bracing pattern and voicing technique. It is an ideal finger picking guitar but has the headroom for flat pickers too. Available as standard in 24.9” scale but also available on request in 25.5” scale.

The OM body dimensions:

Body length: 19 3/8” 
Lower bout: 15 1/8” 
Upper bout: 11"
Waist: 9”
Body depth: 4 1/4”
Scale length: 24.9"

00 Model 
“the wear"

Smaller Bodied Fingerstyle Guitar 

This is my version of a 00 sized guitar. 12 frets clear of the body and 24.75” scale. Comfortable fingerstyle guitar. 

00 body dimensions:
Body length: 19"
Upper bout: 10 1/4"
Lower bout 14 3/8"
Waist: 8 1/2"
Body depth 4 1/4"
Scale length 24.75"

“the EDEN "

For a sweeter sound

This guitar is a homage to the early Gibson L-0. It differs in several aspects most notably because it has a 13th fret neck join. This has the effect, together with the short scale of 24.5", of locating the bridge more towards the centre of the lower bout. Sometimes known as the sweetspot, placing the bridge here is very efficient in terms of converting string vibration into sound,  giving a sweeter, delicate tone. Most suited to the fingerpicking idiom.

The 0 body dimensions:

 Body length: 18"
Upper bout: 9  7/8"
Lower bout 13  3/8"
Waist: 8"
Body depth: 3 7/8"
Scale length: 24.5"

1865 Romantic Style Parlour Guitar
"The Avon"

An intimate guitar for fingerstyle playing

I have always had a fascination with the Early Romantic Guitar and have had an ambition to build one along the same lines. This guitar is based on an 1865 Boosey & Sons model that was made for Madame Pratten. The Early Romantic guitars had gut strings but I have designed this model for steel string players. The body dimensions were carefully and sympathetically adjusted to allow a scale length of 24.5" whilst keeping the overall appearance true to the original. The contours may be Early Romatic but the guitar is very modern in design concept. You will be surprised by the depth of sound from this little guitar.

The Parlor body dimensions:

18 1/4” long
12 7/8” lower bout
7 3/8” waist
9 1/2” upper bout
4” deep
24 1/2” scale

The Kitty Jay Tenor Guitar

A Short Scale Tenor 

Modelled on the Martin 5-15 Tenor guitar. This is the guitar used by Seth Lakeman. He has a 1950 model which I copied for him. Seth’s model was made from Hawaiian Koa although the models I now supply are  made from other tonewoods (Koa is becoming a scarce resource) and can have a hardwood or softwood top.

The Kitty Jay body dimensions:

Scale length 23"
Body Length 16"
Upper bout 8 3/8"
Lower bout 11 1/2"
Body depth 3 5/8"

Seth playing his Kitty Jay

NEW model Tenor Guitar

A Short Scale Tenor 

Modelled on my Mini-J body this new Tenor guitar has a bigger body than the Kitty Jay but retains the characteristics of a Tenor guitar with a shorter scale. It has been built to suit various tunings and will support CGDA, CGDG or GDAE, GDAD and GDGD with the correct string choice. 

The New Model Tenor body dimensions:

Scale length 23.12" 
Body Length 16 3/4"
Upper bout 9 3/8"
Lower bout 13 3/8"
Body depth 4 "