“the swift"

For a sweeter sound

This guitar is based on a Jumbo body shape but is reduced in size to a baby Jumbo being about the size of a 3/4 guitar. The body length of this model is just over the normal width of the lower bout of a regular Jumbo! This has the effect, together with the short scale of 24.9”, of locating the bridge more towards the centre of the lower bout. Sometimes known as the sweetspot, placing the bridge here is very efficient in terms of converting string vibration into sound,  giving a sweeter, delicate tone. Most suited to the fingerpicking idiom.

The Mini-J body dimensions:

 Body length: 16  3/4""
Upper bout: 9  3/8"
Lower bout 13  3/8"
Waist: 7  5/8"
Body depth: 4"
Scale length: 24.9"

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