"Put your hands to the wood.
Touch the music put there by the summer sun and wind.
The rhythms of the rain locked within the rings.
And let your fingers find
Music in the Wood.”  

From "The Music in the Wood” Joe Grant & Al Parish of Tanglefoot

Custom Handcrafted Guitars and Ukuleles

Previously known as "Woodburn Guitars", I have rebranded to "Stuart Ketchin Guitars” and  continue to craft handbuilt instruments.

I build ukuleles and guitars for players who want something more than off-the-shelf, factory built offerings. My Ukuleles come in the Tenor and Concert sizes. I do not build Soprano. My guitars are mainly short scale fingerstyle guitars but I do offer the larger bodied options.

I am a retired Doctor. I don’t build guitars to make a living, I do it for the love of it. It is my hobby and my passion. My instruments are priced accordingly.

I am constantly striving to improve my guitars and produce the best instruments possible. As a result some features are constantly evolving.

Thank you for visiting. You may have found your way here because you have seen or heard one of my instruments and want to know more or you may simply be browsing. 

Regardless of what brought you here please browse the site and enjoy. 

NB I build and maintain the website myself and I am not a programmer. Please excuse any problems you may come across but let me know so that I can attempt to repair them!

Stuart Ketchin

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